For you and your family to live healthy you have to  think of your health, your chilren's health, your wife's health and the healthy of any other one else living with you. Family healthy living considers environmental and personal cleanliness, food choices, time out of work, love, sharing and cares. Parents remains the head of every family and are responsible to see that their family have a healthy living life.


Boost your family's mental health 


Here are what to do inorder to boost your family members mental health;

1. pray together with your family members because family that prays together stays togther in other words it promotes family unity, allow each child to the lead prayers on different days no matter how sensible the prayer is pass compliment to the child after the prayer.

2. Include you children in meal planning, it will help them to be aware and be responsible.

3. Allow your children to eat togther in one plate, it makes them to be concious of each other and it insinuates descipline

4. ask your children questions from time to time, it makes them to  think for example; how was your school today? what is the name of your head master, your teacher or what is the name of your town and son on.

5. Share family role. make sure everyone in the family has something to do. Frome after morning parayer till the end of the day. let everyone know his role. Mornitor it and see that they do not lazy about their role. if anyone fails in his/her role, make sure the person is disciplined and others will learn from that


Boast your family's Physical health

Here are things you should do to boast your family's physical health

1. every family member must participate in house chores

2. every member should get at least 8 hours sleep a day

3. Encourage daily walk out or evening strolling 

4. participate in gyme

5. register with local activities organisation

6. If you have an event in a walking distance instead of using a car treck it, make it a family habit.

7. Play music and dance together in your house



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