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Welcome To the Happy Family Program


Permit me to ask you a few questions. Are you in the type of family you have dreamed of? Is a family full of joy and happiness? We all want to enjoy life but sometimes something prevents us from achieving that. To you, you are wondering what the obstacle might be. Are your family members progressing the way you wanted or planned it should be? Have you ever wanted your husband, wife, sons, or daughters to do a particular thing which others do and succeed but they fail or the success is far to be achieved no matter how hard you try?

The time for your family financial freedom is now, we are about to share with you a simple and exciting system that will ensure you become the person you've always wanted to become and then fulfill your dreams, wishes, and expectations in life.


It is time you create a new family. Let's Start Now!!



The Process

It is a five Weeks experience, Each week a trained coach will take you to step by step with a proven process that will help you discover who you are, what you want, and how to achieve that. Each coach is trained to produce results and produce them fast, so if you want to be wealthy, loos weight, improve your love life or make friends, then this program is yours.




The Journey

Step One = Discover Your Inner DNA


Step Two = Integrated Power Coding


Step Three = The Outcomes Plus


Step Four = Unleash You


Step Five = The Success Blueprint


Step One - Week One and Two

Discover Your Inner DNA

This is a  way to discover the foundation of who you are and what drives you. This allows you to understand what your baselines are. Baselines help you to make the right choices the right choices. What work you should do, who you can get along with, and plan your destiny. This is the first step. Your coach will help you discover your unique baselines so that you can start building your future. Once you discover this, we go to the next level.




Step Two- week 3 & 4

Integrated Power Coding

this week is where the magic happens. Imagine discovering your inner wiring diagram, we call it integrated Power coding. It is a process that helps you understand how you have been wired and how negative codes are embedded in your brain that causes the same roller coaster life that most people have over time your thoughts become codes and these codes will drive you into massive success or massive failure. Our system will code you to success once and then see the results, you will be amazed




Step Three- week 5&6

Outcomes Plus

Week 5&6 will get you to dream, times to set your outlines. Time to actually start to know what you really want and set deadlines using outcomes+. Outcomes execute, motivate, and inspire you to take action and push your limits. You effortlessly start achieving your true outcomes and not some imaginary goal setting plans. Your coach will take you through your power leap process and hold your hand through this simple yet powerful part of the coaching program. You will start increasing your income or lose the weight you have always wanted or simply find or re-ignite your love life. This is where your dreams become reality. 




Step Four- Week 7&8

unleash you

Week 7 and 8 take you through the unleash-you process. Destroy any obstructions that may come in the way of your outcomes and discover what kind of impact your friends and other people you spend your time with have on you. You will clear all future problems in advance. It is like a road map with very clearly defined roads with nothing to stop you from reaching where you have always dreamed. Don't forget your incredible coach will take you through this, you are never on your own, we will ensure you don't quit as most people do.




Step Five-week 9&10

success blueprint

Week 9 and 10 is about putting your success blueprint together. Yes, you head me, right? A personalized blueprint that's just for you. You will walk away with everything aligned, no more can I do it?, no more what if I fail? This is the final destination to start your new life, your baselines, Inner DNA, power leap, unleash you are all put together in a powerful blueprint. This is the same system all the big names used and for the first time in history, it is your chance to tap into the amazing incredible system.




Bibian has helped create personal and professional transformation to provide tools and strategies that everyone needs to transcend beyond their limiting fears and beliefs, accomplish their goals, and realize their true desires forever


It is your turn to shine! It is your time to create a life of dreams for yourself. It is your turn to make a massive change for yourself and your family


What are you waiting for

For the first time, Bibian is bringing this life-changing transformation to your doorstep. Transforming yourself and your family members as a whole. This system is packed with a powerful step process. Literally changing your life one step at a time using actionable tools and activities that Bibian uses with his top elite clients


The life of your dream awaits you!! An incredible you!! an incredible family!! Directed by the incredible coach/mentor!!


Get started Now and Invest in yourselves


Only £500  Or $639


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terms and conditions


  • This program is designed for Consultation for Families who wants help from a family coach.
  • It also allows for training for those who want to base their career on helping the families in different ways especially family health, career, business, relationships, wealth, and financial breakthrough
  • This program takes up to 10 weeks to complete after which the client who has completed the sessions receives a certificate for this program as a coach.
  •  A concerned coach is responsible for the registration procedures of the candidates  and for leading the candidates through the 10 weeks of this program
  • Meeting venues and times are agreed upon by the coach and the candidates.
  • The coach gives assignment every which the candidate must complete 
  • The candidate's use of our site is not for commercial use but for personal use only
  • There is a price for the consultation and the training which must be paid in full before the commencement of our service
  • The registration to this our service is not transferable to another person
  • There may be some updates during the course of the training during which the team will communicate to everyone through phone or email.
  • Transformation is determined by the individual. Neither Bibian Okoye nor the coaching team guarantees the expected transformation and therefore cannot hold the responsibility.
  • Our program does not exclude, deny the benefit to or otherwise discriminate against any person on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, color, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability in admission to participation in or receipt of the services and the benefits under this program and activities.