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Family Unity and Success Coach

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Our dedicated coaches will take you a hand by hand through a systematic journey that leads you to the clarity of your life-giving you the successful outcome you have ever wanted to have.

Safer Family, clearer vision, and outcome-oriented.

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terms and conditions


  • This program is designed for Consultation for Families who wants help from a family coach.
  • It also allows for training for those who want to base their career on helping the families in different ways especially family health, career, business, relationships, wealth, and financial breakthrough
  • This program takes up to 10 weeks to complete after which the client who has completed the sessions receives a certificate for this program as a coach.
  •  A concerned coach is responsible for the registration procedures of the candidates  and for leading the candidates through the 10 weeks of this program
  • Meeting venues and times are agreed upon by the coach and the candidates.
  • The coach gives assignment every which the candidate must complete 
  • The candidate's use of our site is not for commercial use but for personal use only
  • There is a price for the consultation and the training which must be paid in full before the commencement of our service
  • The registration to this our service is not transferable to another person
  • There may be some updates during the course of the training during which the team will communicate to everyone through phone or email.
  • Transformation is determined by the individual. Neither Bibian Okoye nor the coaching team guarantees the expected transformation and therefore cannot hold the responsibility.
  • Our program does not exclude, deny the benefit to or otherwise discriminate against any person on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, color, nationality, sexual orientation, or disability in admission to participation in or receipt of the services and the benefits under this program and activities.